Q&A With
Norma Maldonado
Administrative Services & Facilities
What are some of the things you like about working in the Administrative Services & Facilities department at Stout?
I enjoy working with the administrative team on solutions to problems that arise and providing them with guidance. The teamwork and camaraderie that happens within the group across the firm is excellent and something that I am very proud of. On the facilities side, I love the planning and design development phase of each new office move. Creating a beautiful new home for our employees brings me joy!
Can you describe some of your main job duties?
My main focus is to lead the administrative services functions and promote consistency, collaboration, and communication within the administrative team across the firm. I also manage our national real estate portfolio, from finding our next office in each city, lease negotiation, space planning, design development, and construction management through move-in day.
What are some of the main challenges you have faced in your job with the impacts of the pandemic and remote work?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that I personally have challenges. I am able to perform my work just as effectively working remotely. I have had to work closely with the administrative team to develop innovative ways for the team to continue to provide the excellent customer service they do, despite not being face to face with their team on a daily basis. COVID-19 has really created some challenges in this area. For me, I do miss the interaction with people, grabbing lunch with a co-worker, and the in-office events. Since everything is done virtually, it is not as easy to connect on a personal level as it has been done in the past.
How have you continued to push engagement among employees and manage facilities during remote work?
Communication is a must! I check in with my team often; I think most of us are doing that at the firm. On the facilities front, the team works efficiently ensuring that we are compliant with CDC guidelines in making sure our offices are safe and providing personal protective equipment across all offices. We also continue to work closely with the Stout Response Team on employee requests regarding in-office visits on any given day. For new office moves, it is business as usual. In fact, I’m currently working on three moves for 2021!
What drives you to do a good job?
My work ethic. My father instilled in me the importance of being a hard worker, being reliable, and doing what you say you will do – keeping your word. I feel fulfilled when I am able to see the development of staff as well as how my contribution as a whole has a positive effect on the smooth operation of our business.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I enjoy cooking with a nice glass of red wine; it relaxes me. I have three adult children; 22, 20, and 18. Hanging out with Mom is not at the top of their priority list, so any time spent with them is a blessing. Family movie night is something we all look forward to. I also enjoy working out to de-stress and stay healthy.
What’s a fun fact about you?
I come from a family of eight siblings that were born in a ranch in the mountainous region of Durango, Mexico. Because my parents didn’t have transportation to go into the city to register my birth on the day I was born, I have two birthdays – my actual birthday and my legal birthday (two weeks apart).